Optimized digital charge amplifier

Kistler introduces its 5074B digital charge amplifier, which brings improvements and innovations over its predecessor, the 5074 A.

Kistler is launching a new version of its 5074A digital charge amplifier: designated as type 5074B, it incorporates improvements that will enable users to benefit from enhanced flexibility and simpler integration. Launched on the market in 2018, the 5074A is the ideal solution for control and monitoring of industrial processes such as press-fit, assembly and joining operations.

It has communication consistently based on Industrial Ethernet (IE): it gave plant and machinery manufacturers the possibility of integrating any desired piezoelectric sensors directly into their real time-capable Ethernet systems. Users could comfortably make settings on the measurement amplifier via the control – something that was never possible in the past. Maximum flexibility was ensured by an extremely wide measuring range – from 20 to 1,000,000 pC – coupled with an extensive range of measurement functions for diverse applications, opening up virtually unlimited operational possibilities. Another key benefit: high performance by today’s standards, allowing acquisition rates of up to 50 kSps per channel and real-time transmission of measurement data with cycle times as low as 100 μs. All these advantages made the 5074A amplifier the perfect product for applications requiring dynamic and quasistatic measurements via Industrial Ethernet.

The advantages of the 5074B series are: separate M8 connectors and readiness for use in just 6 seconds.
The advantages of the 5074B series are: separate M8 connectors and readiness for use in just 6 seconds.

Innovation from the news range

The new 5074B digital charge amplifier supersedes the 5074A and it retains the range of tried-and-tested benefits offered by its predecessor. But the 5074B also comes with two features that deliver major operational improvements. The new amplifier is ready to operate within around six seconds, as compared to the previous time of 30 seconds for each startup procedure – so users save valuable time. This improvement has a direct impact on plant availability, especially for modular plants with swappable hot-plug modules.

Another innovation: the two energy paths in the M8 connectors are now separated so that additional standard devices can be connected as per the industry standard without extra considerations. This also makes it possible to switch off the peripheral power.