Bad weather does not scare AGVs

Bad weather does not scare AGVs thanks to outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner from SICK with AGV Dynamic Weather Assist, it enables AGVs to drive in any weather.

Vehicle stops as a result of poor visibility due to rain or snow are a thing of the past with the intelligent AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety solution from SICK. This all-in-one solution comprising the outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner, the Flexi Soft safety controller, and a newly developed software function block for intelligently evaluating weather-related disruptive factors avoids unplanned stops and thereby weather-related interruptions in the material flow.

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner is certified for use for personal protection in a wide range of outdoor mobile and stationary applications. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and the outdoor safeHDDM scanning technology, even the base model ensures the device operates reliably even in unfavorable weather conditions. The AGV Dynamic Weather Assist software function block further significantly increases the detection reliability – and therefore also the productivity of the vehicle – in extremely poor weather conditions.

Automatic adjustment of the speed based on the visibility conditions

Driving by vision rather than stops and congestion in the material flow – that is the aim of the AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety functionality. A function block, which is managed by the Flexi Soft safety controller in the integrated network, monitors the effect of the weather on the detection capacity of the outdoorScan 3 safety laser scanner.

If the rain or snow becomes too heavy, this is detected by AGV Dynamic Weather Assist and the protective fields of the safety sensor are switched so the vehicle can continue along its route at a reduced, weather-adjusted speed. The safety and monitoring functions of the outdoorScan 3 continue to be retained.

Optimal productivity in any weather

Regardless of what the weather report says – The AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety solution no longer leaves operators of outdoor AGVs out in the cold. It avoids weather-related vehicle stops and maintains the material flow even in poor outdoor conditions. It therefore makes an important contribution to increasing the productivity of outdoor AGVs.

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