With Ultrasound, Distance Measurement is More Precise

The models just introduced by SICK in the UM18-2 series look at Industry 4.0, as they mount IO-Link 1.1 for cutting-edge data transmission, which makes predictive maintenance operations effective. These sensors can be used in any work environment, even in the presence of transparent objects,
fog or strong light.

di Marcello Ponte

Measuring and calculating distance on transparent, reflective, loose objects or in the presence of liquids is a challenge for any sensor. There are many solutions that can be adopted, one of these is ultrasonic technology, particularly suitable for working in the presence of dirt, humidity, dust, strong ambient light, smoke and fog. After years of experience in the field of ultrasound, SICK presents a range expansion of the UM18-2 series with a line that mounts IO-Link 1.1 on board, for data transmission in a full Industry 4.0 perspective. The UM18-2 family has always been characterized by its compactness: the 18 diameter and metal or plastic case for a total length of 42 mm allow it to be installed in small spaces, also thanks to the possibility of having the device in an angled version. Depending on the version of choice, the operating range varies from 120 mm to 1 m, covering all operating requirements.

Effective predictive maintenance thanks to data collection
UM18-2 by SICK is available in two versions: Core and Pro. The first, with a plastic case, has static outputs. The second, made of metal, is characterized by two independent digital outputs or an analogue output and a digital threshold that can be set as desired. The Pro version also stands out for the IO-Link 1.1 interface which makes all the data collected by the sensor and information on the sensor available, not only for the optimization of the production process, but also for an effective predictive maintenance.
Programming takes place via SOPAS with SiLink2 Master, with a simple and intuitive interface for quick sensor setup. Furthermore, for greater process safety, it is possible to connect up to 20 sensors that work in sync or in multiplex mode, without any signal interference.

They can be used for many industrial applications
The different operating distances and the IP67 protection degree allow the UM18-2 to be used in the most varied applications: from measuring the filling level of liquids and bulk materials to controlling the winding diameter of metal, paper and plastic reels, from the continuous detection of fabric and metal lattices to the detection, measurement and positioning of dark, bright and transparent objects, up to anti-collision applications. Furthermore, using ultrasound technology, UM18-2 can be easily used both in damp environments and in outdoor applications with strong ambient light and fog.