The jury of the competition launched by EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association) awarded prizes to the technically most interesting and potentially most commercially successful aluminium foil products

It is interesting to start with these last two winners because, as the jury pointed out, these are global innovations which may open up completely new uses for aluminium foil. Contital won, as mentioned, the award for the development of thin (and therefore perfectly recyclable) aluminium foil plates. The products were designed as a technical as well as an economical alternative to disposable plastic plates which are difficult to recycle.
Wipf was awarded an Alufoil Trophy for its part in the development of a completely new suspension system for the latest Mercedes-Benz GLE model. The Wipf product is a bag made from aluminium foil coupled with various polyamide films. The new suspension control system helps to improve the vehicle’s stability when cornering, accelerating and braking. The aluminium ensures a very high impermeability to the gas contained in the bag and therefore guarantees the chemical-physical stability of the hydraulic fluid.

An example of the products in Contital’s range of disposable plates
An example of the products in Contital’s range of disposable plates

Technical innovation in alufoil container

Among the other award-winning products, one of the two presented by Costantia should solve an inconvenience in the use of single-dose packages of mixed liquid and solid products. The covering system is designed for solid food products intended for the consumer in preservation liquid, such as mozzarella, cheese in brine, pickles and olives, which become easy to separate thanks to the new system for pouring the liquid.
The other prize awarded to Costantia is a recognition not of a product but of a process: specifically, the 3D sidewall embossing technology applicable to the walls of small single-dose aluminium containers such as those for jams in hotels. With the embossing technique, images and messages can be created without any need for printing.

Savin Prestige, “ennobled" aluminium screw caps by Guala Closures Group
Savin Prestige, “ennobled” aluminium screw caps by Guala Closures Group

Finally, the Guala Closures Group has obtained an Alufoil Trophy 2020 in the marketing and design category for its range of Savin Prestige aluminium screw caps. The concept consists of combining a cap, made from an aluminium cap, with an upper insert made from a different material, such as wood or fabric, to improve the aesthetics and create original combinations. In most cases it is a real “ennoblement” with unusual and expensive materials. It is an example of highly original marketing and design which could increase the penetration of aluminium screw caps into the higher end wine and spirits segments.