Global Plant&Service: a new series of complete high-efficiency plants

The recent order for two complete extrusion lines, with 26MN presses, from Cortizo, Spain’s leading manufacturer of aluminium systems for architecture  and industry, confirms the success of GPS’s approach: providing equipment designed around the needs of each extruder with solutions at the cutting edge of technology  in terms of productivity and efficiency

The international market for aluminium extrusion plants is going through a new period of interesting and important development. The need to renew existing plants or to install new presses is currently challenging the companies specialised in this strategic industrial sector. Global Plant & Service, born in 2010 and with its operative seat in Nuvolera, near Brescia, has rapidly developed in these last years investing in the design of new equipment for the extrusion market. An offer centred on the design, production and marketing of systems for the production of aluminium profiles and automatic packaging lines with high technological content for high quality production. Relying on its ability to generate added value through the engineering of new equipment, and to create rapidly new customised solutions, characterised by high technology, innovative and competitive contents, GPS has earned a solid position on the international market both for the technological content of its products and the efficiency of its after-sales service. It is precisely the possibility of designing and building highly customised plants which make the offering of GPS so interesting. Depending on the specific properties requested by customers, GPS studies, designs and manufactures solutions “tailored” to the needs of each extruder. Among the most recent and important orders acquired by GPS, the order already completed for Profil Gruppen, in Sweden, and the double order received from the Spanish Group Cortizo, for two extrusion lines, complete with 26MN short stroke presses, are the recognition of the level of excellence achieved by this company.  We spoke to Paolo Fraternale, Executive Sales Director of GPS, who was pleased to tell us about the latest orders acquired by Cortizo.

How is Cortizo positioned among Spanish and European extruders?

Cortizo is the leading Spanish Group manufacturing and distributing aluminium and PVC systems for architecture and industrial applications on the Spanish market, and one of the leading companies in this sector in Europe. The figures speak for themselves: nine production centres, 3,700 employees, a production capacity of 139,000 tons/year of aluminium extrusions from 40 g/m to 30 kg/m in weight, and a turnover of 700 million euros per year.  It can count on 20 extrusion plants, 11 of which are fully supplied by GPS, as well as various upgrades of the other 9 existing plants. The two new complete plants will begin production in 2022 at the Padron plant near Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and like the 20 MN line already started up in August in Slovakia, will be equipped with new-generation GPS presses.

What are the latest technological developments for extrusion plants?

Recent regulations have driven all manufacturers towards the reduction of energy consumption and its optimisation. The focus on reducing emissions of CO2 and polluting elements into the atmosphere has prompted the development of GPS engineering. This has led to the creation of “ Electrical driven” plants, with billet heating furnaces, ageing furnaces and process equipment designed with electrical drive, with a significant  reduction  in operating and maintenance costs.  The design of the presses has also followed the logic of Green efficiency. All the solutions developed by GPS are the result of close collaboration with the End-User, a collaboration aimed at maximising plant efficiency. The reduction of process waste, maintenance costs and the use of innovative solutions are the leitmotiv, the guiding theme of GPS engineering.

What will be the next steps for GPS?

The Nuvolera workshop is moving forward at top speed in the competitive and excellent region of Lombardy, the  area  in  Italy with  the  highest  concentration of die makers and plant manufacturers. Aluminium extrusion is a mature technology: in terms of plant engineering, it is only possible to become established by offering high-end, competitive products with “smart” technical solutions. We want to be an attractive company and to do things well, which is why we invest in research and development with the aim of offering equipment and production/logistics processes designed for our customers. For us, the customer is at the centre of the development process, not only for the implementation of the project but also for the internal growth of our company: by meeting their requirements, we grow and enrich our company’s know-how. All this is supported by our long-standing and proven experience and competence in processes related to aluminium extrusion. We should not forget one very important factor: service. After-sales service is the basis for creating and developing long-lasting ties with end users: you have to get organised to be there when support is required, be it technical or logistical. I think that the six installations managed simultaneously last summer are clear evidence of the competence and reliability of our company.