Excellent results on the Russian market for Savelli Technologies

The company based in Rodengo Saiano continues its success story on the Russian market with the recent supply of a complete plant to Nizhegorodskiy Liteyniy Zavod, a foundry specialized in the production of cast iron cylinder blocks and cylinder heads

Savelli Technologies, direct heir of the artisan company founded in Franciacorta, near Brescia, in 1842, is today a company owned by a group of technicians and managers with extensive experience in the design, construction and installation of machinery and complete plants in the cast iron, steel and aluminium foundry casting sector.  In particular, Savelli has extensive experience in the manufacture of customised, high performance machines for foundries using the “Green Sand” moulding process.  The new Savelli is present in the global market as a supplier of automatic horizontal moulding lines and sand preparation and recovery plants. The Green Sand moulding technique uses clay-type binders and does not involve mould drying treatments. “Green Sand” technologies are used particularly for the production of castings for standard diesel engines, for special transport vehicles, construction machinery, excavators, etc. In a recent interview published by Foundry Planet, Francesco Savelli emphasised the importance of the availability of high performance castings in “heavy” applications. An example of a complete Savelli plant can be seen in the line currently being commissioned at the new “green sand” foundry at NLZ -Nizhegorodskiy Liteyniy Zavod (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) for the production of cast iron blocks and engine heads for commercial and industrial vehicles.

In particular, the Russian plant has the following characteristics:

– Sand production capacity: 150 tons/hour

– Mould size: 1,400 x 1,100 x 450/450 mm 

– Production rate: 60 complete moulds/hour

– Mould’s compaction process:

   Savelli Formimpress squeezing system

– Cooling time: 190 minutes

– General type: Heavy-Duty with high energy saving

– Foundry 4.0 compliant 

The interviewer then asked what were the main reasons for Savelli’s success in the Russian market. For Francesco Savelli, the company is first and foremost appreciated on account of having a well-known brand name thanks to its presence on this market since 2007.  Major projects have been carried out for Sibelektromotor, Altaivagon (2 foundries), PSM Hydraulics, Polimet, RUSAL and NLZ of United Machinery Group. In the Russian market as well as in all other markets, having supplied plants and machinery to large companies, leaders in their sectors, is Savelli’s real trump card. We can mention, among others, the following references: Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A., Brembo, Fonderia di Torbole, Zardo, Glisenti, SREM, WSK (Poland), Renault Le Mans (France), Georg Fischer Automotive, WESO and Meierguss (Germany), EKU and Componenta Doktas (Turkey), Altajvagon Zavod and RUSAL (Russia), Castertech-Randon, Cinpal, FRUM and Regali do Brasil (Brazil), Wuling Power and YUCI Hydraulics (China), Hyundai Motor and PCI (Korea), Anvil, Goldens’ Foundry and John Deere (USA).