The Foundry Industry Overcome Covid-19 Emergency

O.M.LER placed very well in the foundry industry resumption after the second quarter lockdown and it finishes the year 2020 under a meaningful growth. This gives a feeling of optimism for 2021, period when the company will introduce a new and innovative decoring machine

O.M.LER's  AF1470 pneumatic decoring hammer
O.M.LER’s AF1470 pneumatic decoring hammer

The last weeks of the year represent for every company a period when both financial and operations statements are issued and successful goals and those that are not so successful are analyzed. For O.M.LER s.r.l., located in Bra in the North West of Italy and specialized in manufacturing and selling pneumatic decoring hammers for foundry, 2020 has been a very challenging year. The first months were very successful thanks to the good worldwide sales results. Then the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the situation, as it happened in many Italian and European companies. Despite the difficulties, O.M.LER team kept on to be enthusiastic and optimistic for the future. A few months wait has been enough to see business increasing again. It happened after summer: the Fall wind has brought good results that gave hope for the following months. Optimism meant that the company didn’t break off the relationship with the Indonesian company PT Makmur Meta Graha Dinamika. In June O.M.LER signed in the distributorship agreement with the Indonesian enterprise, in order to be on the market of the low pressure, gravity and lost wax foundry sectors of the Far East Asian market.

Example of a O.M.LER's decoring bench
Example of a O.M.LER’s decoring bench

Not only the decoring hammer as decoring solution for every kind of casting

The main O.M.LER product is the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundry that is manufactured in two models, RVC70 and AF1470. Each model is available in three versions: Standard, MBR and MBL. Thanks to the two different models and the three available versions O.M.LER hammer can decore every casting type. The company offers not only the pneumatic hammers as decoring solutions for foundries, but also decoring stations. These are decoring benches designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of every customer, where the pneumatic decoring hammers are fastened in a fixed position, vertical or horizontal, depending on the type of casting to decore. The hammers positioning inside the decoring bench has to be defined during the project study phase, when O.M.LER technical and sales staff interact continuously with the customer and with the company design office to find together the most suitable decoring solution. The relationship with the customer is one of O.M.LER’s main strengths: to the European customers the technical and sales team offers technical advice and customer service from the headquarters in Italy as after sales activities and hammer repair service. For the overseas customers technical advice and hammers repair service are guaranteed at the distributors’ facilities both in Eastern as in Western countries. O.M.LER staff look to 2021 with hope and confidence, trusting in an even more important post pandemic growth than the one of the last months of 2020. For this reason the technical and sales team engaged to offer its customers further decoring solutions. During the lockdown period it worked hard to launch on the market in the next year a new and innovative decoring machine. Stay tuned and surf regularly the company’s website to receive important updates: