METEF, New Date: Appointment in Bologna on June 10th-12th

The pandemic crisis postpones the main Italian light metal event

METEF, the international exhibition for the aluminium, foundry and innovative metals industry, taking into account the evolution of the health situation, changes date and chooses the period from June 10th to June 12th, 2021, at the same location of Bolognafiere and at the same time as MECSPE, confirming the objectives of great synergy between two leading events for the relaunch of materials and innovative technologies for the global manufacturing system. Today, the industry represented by METEF is aiming at the reconstruction of the business and of the human and industrial system which have been severely put to the test. “It is time to look ahead towards recovery, the production segments which we represent are the solutions to restart”, Mario Conserva, President of METEF, stated. “Aluminium is one of the great solutions, the material is a champion of sustainability, recyclability, and concrete responses to the circular economy and the reduction of the carbon footprint, it will be the challenge of the next few years in transport, construction, energy transport, and the myriad of intelligent applications it is able to ensure”.

Maurizio Sala, President of Foundry Ecocer, representing the Organizing Committee of METEF underlined the role and importance of the event: “The scenarios for the future have changed, the great confirmation of this new approach is the Green Deal launched by the European Commission, aimed at favouring the development of SMEs and clearly focused on the Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability, extraordinary strengths of aluminium. In the new scenarios, it will be very important to enhance the knowledge, technologies and excellence of the country, and the role of the Fair, representing our industrial segment, is fundamental”. Green aluminium, the environment, accessibility to raw materials, advanced technologies, innovation, international cooperation for the exchange of information and know-how, these will be the central themes of the next METEF, resumed in the traditional METEF International Innovation Award, now in its fifth edition and dedicated to the most significant cases of innovative development made by companies on new products, production techniques, processing, finishing and use, focusing in particular on aspects of energy saving, eco-sustainability and protection of resources. In the new scenarios of the Recovery Fund in our country, in addition to highlighting the great work of the trade associations, it is important to remember the central role in terms of communication of an event such as METEF and an international magazine such as Alluminio & Leghe, as Mario Conserva pointed out: “These are communication tools which for almost thirty years have expressed the needs and requirements of the aluminium sector to institutions and national and international decision-makers. By means of these agile communication tools, for example, during the Covid-19 crisis, national politicians were promptly asked for appropriate measures to safeguard the business system, from foundries to rolling and extrusion to final processing and finishing: concrete measures such as credit insurance and greater liquidity, financing for investment projects, tax incentives and subsidised loans. In other words, concrete measures to provide visibility and create opportunities for the restart of our industry”.