61st International Foundry Conference 2021 in Portorož

The success of the appointment in Slovenia is a signal of departure for the international foundry industry

The Slovenian Foundrymen Society together with co-organisers University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor organised in Portorož between 15 and 17 September the 61st International Foundry Conference (IFC) with a Foundry Exhibition under the motto, “Innovative solutions for the future of foundry”. Chair of the Organising Committee, M.Sc. Ing. Mirjam Jan-Blažić, and the Chair of the Programme and Scientific Committee, Prof. Em. Dr. Alojz Križman, reported that this year’s conference and exhibition were attended by 240 participants from 19 countries. The conference featured 43 lectures and five poster presentations. The first day was dedicated to plenary presentations and the second to four sections: Cast iron and  casting technology; Non-ferrous alloys; Engineering and foundry technology; Young PhD students. The foundry exhibition was attended by 44 exhibitors, including exhibitors and participants from Italy (Mazzon, Faprosid, Italpresse Industrie, Bosello High Technology, Mec. Ind.).

The 61st IFC Portorož 2021 with its Foundry Exhibition has once again confirmed that the foundry event is needed and desired. After a year of imprisonment due to the Covid-19, participants agreed that what is required is face-to-face social and professional contact since it cannot be replaced by video or on-line communication. That is why the Slovenian Foundrymen Society will be ecstatic to make Portorož the meeting place of international foundry science and professionals again next year with the 62nd IFC between 14 and 16 September 2022.

The plenary speakers presented a range of engaging topics, of which the following are highlighted:

– F.W. Lohe and T. van de Sand of CAEF-The European Foundry Association (D), on “Why the Foundry Industry is still cruising rough sea?”

– E. Koppensteiner, OGI Leoben (A), with co-authors on “Rapid prototyping using innovative methods to achieve optimized castings within one week”

– D. Lehmhus, Fraunhofer IFAM (D), with co-authors on “EMobility-Zero Leakage Cooling Channel for the next Generation of HPDC Housing Components”

– A. Križman, University of Maribor, with co-authors on “Knowledge and innovative solutions, the future of Slovenian Foundry”

– I. Vaskova, University of Košice (SK), with co-authors on “The State and perspectives of foundry in Slovakia”

– V. Kolda, Mecas ESI (CZ), on “HPDC “smart” die-future of casting quality and die fatigue control”

Interesting topics from the “Aluminium Alloys” section, where Slovenian authors are strongly represented:

– J. Bobst, Fondarex SA (CH), on “Why would you use vacuum in HPDCM”

– Z. Zovko Brodarac, University of Zagreb (CRO), with co-authors on “Recycling potential of AlSi9Cu3(Fe) Alloy”

– G. Hajas, Alu – Onto (HU), on “Large geometry thin walled /1-3 mm/ aluminium gravity sand casting process with 3D printed sand mould”

– S. Kastelic, University of Ljubljana (SI), with co-authors on “Using advanced tools and technology for HPDC die optimization”

– Ž. Kuralt, LTH Castings d.o.o. (SI), on “Tube overmoulding in high-pressure die casting of aluminium”

– F. Zupanič, University of Maribor (SI), with co-authors on “Microstructure and properties of an Al-Mn-Cu-Be, 

produced by single roll and asymmetric two-roll casting”

– D. Pečnik, Talum d.d. Kidričevo (SI), with co-authors on “Development of surface treatment of visual aluminium castings”

– J. Štucin, Hidria d.o.o. (SI), with co-authors on “Die casting tool optimization using SLM process”

– J. Ferčec, Talum d. d. Kidričevo (SI), with co-authors on “Characterization of defects in aluminium casting produced by tilt gravity casting in relation to process 

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