HPDC School, the Third Edition is about to Start

April 6th will mark the beginning of the third academic year of the high level training program organized by CSMT and AQM for future High Pressure Die Casting Managers.

by Greta Consoli

Following the success of the first two editions of the High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) School, the training project dedicated to the die casting industry deriving from the partnership between CSMT Gestione and AQM Srl, on April 6th the lessons of the third edition will begin. This high level training program, focusing on technical and organizational themes relative to the ie casting process, is structured with 402 hours of training, spread out between April 2018 and March 2019, subdivided in lectures in class, theory lessons, demonstrative trials and simulations in the CMST foundry lab, visits to companies and project work. The aim is to train future High Pressure Die Casting Managers by certifying three professional roles: Process industrialization technologist, Product industrialization technologist and Production manager, qualified and certified according to specifications laid down in the IIS Cert Guidelines. Particularly, during the course, knowledge of the smelting process will be deepened, from the plants to the metallurgical aspects of alloys, from the design of the production site to the management and control of the die casting process, including all aspects relative to the quality and safety of the foundry department. The program of the third edition of the HPDC School confirms the importance of ongoing and constant training in the die casting sector to ensure that foundries on our territory will become increasingly innovative and competitive, besides raising awareness of the importance of investing in human capital, increasing and certifying the knowledge of employees in this sector. The school’s new edition, like the previous two, foresees the participation of lecturers from Brescia’s University, AQM metallurgists and experts, professionals and operators of the die casting sector capable of transferring and circulating “foundry knowledge”.