A New Look for Anodized Aluminium

Clariant new eye-catching and long-lasting magenta unveiled for anodized aluminium: Sanodye® Magenta LF

by Alberto Pomari

Swiss group Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, hits the spot for this fall’s color trends with a truly durable magenta shade now available for colouring anodized aluminium. Launched in October and during the Exihibit Aluminium 2018 in Düsseldorf, new Sanodye Magenta LF combines red, the color of power, with a touch of trustworthy blue in a non-bleeding single dye formulation that consistently delivers the same “wow factor” shade. Thomas Heber, Technical Marketing Aluminium Europe, and Nils Baumgarten Commercial Marketing Director for the Business Segment Special Applications of the Business Unit Pigments Business at Clariant comments: “With magenta billed as the hottest hue for fashion and cosmetics for fall 2018, Clariant is very excited to offer aluminium finishers this striking shade with the uniquely long-lasting properties to give everything from jewelry, smartphone shells, lipstick cases and other cosmetics packaging, to home appliances, consumer electronics and patio furniture, a sophisticated on-trend look that will hold its vibrancy.” Sanodye Magenta LF has a unique level of light and weather fastness for indoor and outdoor applications that is rarely found within the industry. The single dye formulation has a heavy-metal free dye structure which is a key consideration particularly for applications such as toys and consumer goods. Importantly, as a single dye formulation it has uniform high reproducibility, which makes it ideal for achieving a precise shade for color matching packaging, such as for cosmetics. Besides to color consistency, single dyes are easier to handle than blends. Sanodye Magenta LF shows good dye bath stability and enables a stable dyeing process.