New Technological Equipment for Key Extruders in North America and Korea

Danieli Breda solutions featuringthe innovative Danieli DAS Die Alignment System

by Paolo Fraternale

Hydro orders new 60 MN extrusion press for Phoenix facility (Arizona). With more than 35,000 employees and operations in 40 countries, Hydro is the world’s leading vertically integrated aluminium manufacturer. Through a combination of local expertise, global reach and unmatched R&D capabilities, Hydro creates innovative aluminium solutions and supplies a diverse range of industries throughout the value chain.
The 60 MN front-loading direct extrusion press will be the largest on the west coast of North America and will come equipped with Danieli Breda’s latest technological advances. These include the following:

  • Danieli Breda’s patented energy saving system ESED 4.0 (Energy Saving Electrical Drive), which enables an average energy savings of 25-30%,
  • A fully-electric billet loader and die change station, eliminating extra hydraulic systems and reducing maintenance costs,
  • Wireless tablet control systems for easy and efficient machine operation, maintenance and remote service sup-port,
  • Hydraulic pumps and electrical cabinets pre-installed on skids, for the layout optimization and quick installation,
  • Intelligent Hydraulic Power Units for integrated Diagnostics and Energy management, meeting Industry 4.0 Machinery feedback,
  • DAS: the new Die Alignment System (patented) to save over two hundred hours of maintenance every five years and to have a constant quality of extruded product.
  • The commissioning of the press is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2020. With this additional order, Danieli Breda has reconfirmed its leading position as a supplier of extrusion presses and complete handling systems for the aluminium industry in North America and beyond. Danieli Breda is grateful to Hydro for their continued partnership and trust in the company’s technology and quality.
  • Spectra Aluminum Canada orders new extrusion press and high-efficiency gas billet oven
  • The new extrusion press and billet heater will be installed at the production location in Bradford, Ontario. The equipment are designed for the production of 8” and 9” billets. Spectra Aluminum is a leading company in the North America aluminium manufacturing industry with extrusion, fabricating and anodizing capabilities. With its extensive experience, advanced technology, first-class experts, and new production facilities, Spectra Aluminum has contributed to a higher quality of life through the supply of materials to a diverse range of industries.
  • The extrusion press will be equipped with the patented ESED 4.0 solution. This system, is capable to stop the unnecessary pumps during the extrusion phase, therefore reducing the energy consumption. During the dead cycle time, the system is capable to increase the oil flow to the maximum rate by using all the pumps at higher rotation speed. The press will be equipped with fully electric billet loader and die change station, to reduce as much as possible the hydraulic components. The HMI solution with wireless tablets for an extraordinary experience of the machine control, maintenance and remote service support.
  • The state of the art gas billet heater is designed to minimize the heat loss from the exhaust fumes, reducing the gas consumption per extruded ton. An accurate temperature tapering effect is possible thanks to the new design burners.
  • Spectra Aluminum confirmed the mutual strong cooperation started in 2000 with the installation of the first Danieli Breda 28 MN extrusion press. With this additional order Danieli Breda has reconfirmed its leading position in supply of extrusion presses and complete handling lines for aluminium industry in North America and worldwide.
  • Commissioning of the extrusion press and billet heater is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Factory acceptance for Poongsan (Korea) extrusion press
In June 2019 Danieli Breda along with a delegation of the client have performed the Factory Acceptance Tests on the new indirect extrusion press for Brass and Copper. The latest technology supplied to Poongsan Corporation will be installed in South Korea and will be commissioned by the beginning of 2020 to produce wire and rods of brass and copper.
Danieli Breda line includes the latest generation of indirect extrusion press and a complete downstream made of a coiler line and a walking beam cooling bed for extruded bars.
The 36 MN Indirect Extrusion Press equipped with energy saving system (ESED 4.0) and the revolutionary single stem concept allows a consistent energy saving and notably enhances the performance in terms Dead Cycle Time reduction and consequently productivity increase.
During the test the press and all the downstream equipment was inspected, and some cycle performed along with technical team of Poongsan to meet all contractual milestones before shipment. The feedback received from Poongsan team was very positive and the equipment was successfully accepted and cleared for shipment. The entire Danieli team is looking forward to the installation and commissioning phase to deliver the most advanced and state of the art plant in the world of brass.