EN+ Group announcing its net zero commitment and further leads aluminium industry in the low carbon economy

Further to their Green Aluminium Vision, launched in July 2020, EN+ Group has announced its ambition to become net zero by 2050 and to reduce GHG emissions by at least 35% by 2030. These targets cover absolute emissions across all operations, including aluminium production plus heat and electricity production.

Link: http://netzero.ru/en

FACE voices once again its support to the Group, and congratulate it for its stirring efforts to bring the aluminium industry in the green economy. The initiative is absolutely compliant with the European Green Deal, the Green recovery and with the challenges the world face today. In the light of the economic recovery induced by COVID19, more and more global players are turning their eyes on green technologies. Aluminium, in particular due to its unique properties, will give those players the means to achieve the green transition. Therefore, it stands for reason that our industry sets the example by paving the way for a brighter, carbon neutral, future.