13th Scientific – Expert Seminar 

Safety, Occupational Health and Environment in Metalworking Industry. February 18 2022. University of Zagreb – Faculty of Metallurgy, Croatian Foundry Association and Croatian Chamber of Commerce County Chamber Sisak organize one-day 13th Scientific-Expert Seminar “Safety, Occupational Health and Environment in Metalworking Industry” 

The Seminar will be held on February 18th, 2022 in Hybrid Form

LIVE  in the premises of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy,  Aleja narodnih heroja 3, 44000 Sisak, HR   in compliance with all epidemiological recommendations (covid certificates, masks)  
ONLINE  via the Microsoft TEAMS business communication platform, of which you will be notified in a timely manner  

The objective of the Seminar is to implement the transfer of knowledge and technology with attractive lectures and to demonstrate the added value of production in the metal sector. The theme of this year’s seminars is to emphasize the need to solve the complex problems of the working environment in the metal processing industry and the economy in general. Today, in a time of rapid technological development the need for the modernization of existing and implementation of new manufacturing processes can lead to the potentially new health, organizational and environmental risks. It is therefore necessary to educate experts whose acquired skills and competencies will enable them to identify potential dangers and risks and to provide appropriate solutions for achieving better living and working conditions as well as to contribute to the social responsibility through their activities. 

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