Pressure and Temperature Distance Reading

Italmanometri proposes its measurement technology for pressure and temperature distance reading: it allows to send data detected by sensors from Keller to the multimedia device, such as mobile phones or tablets, connected via Bluetooth through an App

The measurement technology developed by Italmanometri is the answer to the market need to have available a versatile, precise, and professional portable instrument for pressure and temperature distance reading: with Neptune it is possible to transform multimedia devices such as smartphones and tablets into practical measuring instruments. The applications of Neptune are very varied: test benches, industrial applications, water sector, climate and refrigeration, railway, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, nautical and aerospace sectors. It can also be used as a standard instrument for the calibration of other instruments.

Creating immediately a process document for the traceability data of the instrument

Neptune allows you to send data to a Bluetooth printer, and immediately create a process document with the pressure and temperature values, date and time of the measurement and traceability data of the instrument. The readings, detected by sensors produced by the Swiss company Keller, are as reliable and precise as those obtained with the instruments used in industry and metrological control laboratories. They can also be made in Titanium. Data measured are sent to the multimedia device, connected via Bluetooth through a specific App developed for Android, supplied together with the sensors. Application for installation on iPhone can be developed on request. Thanks to the transmission via Bluetooth, the data on the multimedia instrument can be received, if in a free area, up to 100 meters away.

It is possible to set safety parameters

Through the applications installed in the mobile phone or tablet, it is possible to measure and record the measured data and save them in the device memory. This way you can send them as an Excel or PDF file by email. You can also set safety parameters, minimum and maximum, which when exceeded trigger the sending of an alarm to two pre-set mobile numbers. The alarm sent via SMS shows the date, hour, minute and measurement value. The SMS1 and SMS2 LEDs on the smartphone change from green to red: this means that the alarms have been activated and sent to the corresponding telephone numbers.

The main technical features

Here are the main technical features: pressure/vacuum scale -1/+15, 0/100, 0/400, 0/600 and 0/1000 bar; resolution 3 decimal places after the decimal point; pressure Accuracy +/-0.15% FS, 0/400 – 0/600 bar, 0.25% – 0/1000 bar 0.35%; temperature accuracy +/-2°; battery rechargeable Li-ion 3.7 Vdc autonomy 48 hours; Mini-USB connector; overpressure 2 times instrument full scale; digital signal output Bluetooth; communication baud rate 19200; pressure cycles 0 – 100% FS at 25°C 10 million (with appropriate installation); working temperature -10/+80°C; fluid measurement for short periods -40° + 110°C. Compensated temperature -10° + 80°C. Cases with complete sets of sensors and Bluetooth printer are also available. l