The goal

By Fausto Villa, FEDERTEC President

Regardless of the sphere in which we operate, we all have aspirations in life; in order to realise them we have to set goals and try to achieve them. Just think that we are all the result of one of our parents’ “wishes”. It is important for every human being to have goals to achieve, dreams to fight for and targets to aim for. Goals help us to understand where we want to go and which road to take when we have to make choices. That is why it is very important to always have them in front of us without turning our eyes away. The personal and professional goals we set ourselves are a source of great inner strength and motivation; they stimulate us to act and help us develop our creative skills when we are confronted with one or more obstacles that stand in our way. Times and conditions change so rapidly that we constantly have to keep our focus on the future, knowing that we must not only act and plan, but believe in what we are doing in order to succeed. Today we are facing a common goal, a global goal: environmental, economic and social SUSTAINABILITY. In the field of capital goods, mechanics and manufacturing, companies must reinvent a sustainable growth path with strong investments in technological innovation, personnel training and digitalisation: new objectives then. This also applies to trade associations and, first and foremost, to FEDERTEC, which represents the Italian industry of mechatronic technologies and components for Fluid Power, Power transmission, automatic and control of industrial produts and processes. With the merger of ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID, FEDERTEC’s organisational model has redesigned a new concept of associationism that aims to unambiguously represent an ecosystem that includes the players in the technology supply chain and that contributes to creating value while ensuring that each technology cluster has the correct visibility and maintains its own specific identity: goal achieved. This is why talking about mechatronics means opening up FEDERTEC to new aggregations of companies, but also of Associations, which share the same vision, and which will lead us to assess an industrial horizon of great opportunities, in terms of representativeness, turnover potential and number of employees. The essence of FEDERTEC is based on a very precise concept: in a complex system the result is greater than the sum of its parts, Intelligence, Innovation, Creativity, Trust, Synergy, Reciprocity, Empathy, Support, Valuing the individual, Division of roles, Sharing, the best of each of us together. This is the way forward for the evolution of the Association and for the achievement of the important new OBJECTIVES we have set ourselves.