Synergy: Be Geared for Success

by Sergio Sartori, Assiot Managing Board

Innovation and change. These are the pillars of today’s industrial landscape. There can be no doubt that in the majority of industrial sectors, especially that of manufacturing, there is an ever growing dynamism, dictated by new technology and advanced production systems that are based on digitalization and automation.

This change has all the trappings of a real revolution (maybe unprecedented) where the convergence between design and production is giving rise to opportunities for cost reduction and the optimization of product life cycle.
Suffice to think of the world of opportunity offered by additive manufacturing in conjunction with the most well known subtractive manufacturing techniques.

This epochal change needs, however, a further step to achieve its potential, and this concerns company culture as well as that of the individuals that constitute a company’s soul. This must begin in set up and the training necessary that will support it. Going back to the point regarding additive manufacturing, the method used to conceive design must be redefined due to the freedom now offered by new production processes. The role of the designer becomes one of integration from the first steps of the process, from the concept phase right through to engineering the product. It really is a radical shift in culture.

How could I not, therefore, also underline the fundamental role an association plays in this context? Our association is, by nature, set up to be in tune with both the needs of the market as well as those of its members, identifying common problems and the engendering of synergies that can, in themselves, create the webbing of skills needed to develop and support technological innovation.

It is through the creation of such a network that the experience of the single member can be appreciated for its excellence and uniqueness, characteristics that set our sector apart. With invigorated conviction, I appeal to you to carry on bringing lifeblood to our association through your passionate and active support, being fully aware that this is the real key to future success.