Acquisizione nel campo della componentistica industriale

Romani Components has purchased Licat

Romani Components has purchased Licat, a company in the business of industrial components, especially transmission systems, since 1961.

Romani Components Srl, through the holding Company FEDERIK Srl, has purchased the 100% of the shares of Licat Ingranaggi Srl. Licat, located in Orbassano, is in the business of high precision industrial components and systems since 1961 and is especially competitive in supplying high precision gears, racks and pinions, complete solutions for linear transmission systems, worm gears, spline shafts, toothed sectors, couplings and frontal inserts, both as a small series or as individual items. The integration with Romani Components will create further opportunities for LICAT to increase its customer basis and enter into new market segments. Mr. Paolo Agosteo is the new CEO of Licat Srl, while Mr. Davide Cucchi has been appointed as Operation Manager of and will manage the worldwide sales operations of the Company.

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