Nozzles and pneumatic coolers

Among the innovations dedicated to automation presented by Aireka are the new series of Special Nozzles and Stand-alone Xtronic coolers. 

The five new series of UG Series Special Nozzles are specially designed for blowing and cleaning rectangular and tubular photocells, sensors, optical fibres and safety barriers. The range of applications includes: blowing/cleaning automatic machines, metalworking, marble processing, plastics processing, woodworking, ceramics. Reliable and versatile, the new Special Nozzles are available in different sizes, and the materials can be customized to offer maximum efficiency in any type of application.  

Stand-alone series to meet the needs of the market 

The Xtronic Pneumatic Coolers Stand-alone series are able to independently manage their operation based on the temperature parameters of the environment in which they operate. The company developed the Xtronic range of temperature control units, which can be used either remotely or fitted to the cooler: all you need to do is to install the device, connect the pneumatic and electrical connections and set the desired temperature range on the display of the control unit. In this way the cooler will start operating only when necessary, in order to do a correct temperature maintenance job and thus avoiding unnecessary energy waste in terms of compressed air consumption.