Industry Meets Artificial Intelligence in Hannover

“Integrated industry-Industrial intelligence”. This is the leitmotiv at Hannover Messe 2019, getting underway in the first week of April. The reference to the inter-connected network that is man and machine is crystal clear. There will be around 450 Italian companies attending, while Sweden, one of the most innovative countries in this field, is this year’s partner nation.

di Silvia Crespi

AI will be the inspiration for Hannover Messe 2019 which kicks off on the 1st of April, earlier than its traditional slot at the end of the month. This year’s motto will be “Integrated Industry – Industrial Intelligence”, focusing specifically on digital interconnectivity between man and machine in the AI epoch: an epoch which will see, according to Onuora Obgukagu, spokesperson and press office manager at Deutsche Messe, man forever at the centre of the process and dictating the rules. This is the reason training and careers has always been and continues to be at the heart of this event. This year’s edition will see the presence of 6.500 companies on show from 13 countries, 220.000 visitors from 80 countries, 2.500 journalists… once again, impressive figures for an event that is an undoubted reference point for state of the art automation, robotic, industrial software, movement and hydraulic technologies. A panorama of power technology that sees Italy second only to Germany in terms of numbers on show. This year, around 450 firms will be there.
At the press conference on February 5th, at the Park Hyatt hotel in Milan, Onuora Obgukagu underlined Hannover Messe’s distinctive character, based on its ability to present the latest technology with real applications. A great example being the 100 plus machine learning applications on show. All in all, there will be 6 specialist events making up Hannover messe 2019: IAMD-Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives; Digital Factory; Energy; Industrial Supply; ComVac; Research & Technology. These will be coupled with zones dedicated to startups and professional development.

The wide spread of AI  with man at the centre
AI clearly has the potential to revolutionize industry and will increasingly manage integrated production plants. This will lead to improved quality standards as well as steps forward in production flexibility and process. Data collection and analysis is being used more than ever to optimize production systems and, as an ultimate goal, to transform operative business models.
The role of man in this shift is to act as “enabler”. Human analysis is the only way to make concrete use of the data collected, its mechanical potential and the development of the algorithms required for AI. These are the reasons that man will forever be at the centre of processes. Even interfacing, protocol and security technology is dependent on him.

Sweden, partner country for 2019
Electric mobility is another of today’s megatrends. This year’s partner country, Sweden, is at the forefront of innovation in this field and not only this one, a point confirmed by Robert Rydberg, Swedish ambassador in Italy, at the press conference. The saying “Sweden Co-Lab” emphasises the ideas of collaboration (co) and innovation (Lab) showcasing Swedish industry as a hub of modern technology. In the Swedish Co-Lab pavilion, visitors will be guided along a digital pathway of smart, cutting edge industrial solutions developed in Sweden.
In terms of population, Sweden is the smallest country to be chosen as Partner nation at the Hannover Messe. However, the country boasts an impressive number of multi-national firms. Industry and services make up more than 70% of exports with Germany among its most important trading partners. This is no coincidence, as, due to its own limited internal market size, Swedish firms are forced to focus on exports to compete internationally. Today, Sweden is a tech hub and has a thriving start up community. No other city in the world, excepting the Silicon valley area, can claim such a number of start-ups (with value exceeding $1bn) as Stockholm. Over forty of these enterprises will be present at Hannover Messe.

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