Building a Critical Mass through Networking

by Elisa Brescianini, Assiot Managing Board2018 is turning out to be an increasingly extraordinary year for me personally and for my company, Link International. The firm is enjoying steady growth and increased market presence in the mechanical power transmission revamp sector as well as the design and supply of tailor made heavy duty reducers.
On top of this, personal professional growth has also been possible, crystallizing in two key dates over recent months: the 11th of June when I had the honour of being elected to the ASSIOT board and the 18th of July when I was delighted to become part of the association executive committee. These official positions are a first for me, and, as must be the case, I cannot wait to get going, while at the same time feeling immense gratitude at being given the opportunity to contribute to this phase of association history, especially in such a momentous period where the two associations Assiot and assofluid will be merged into one. This is a ground breaking moment, both in terms of the prestige the combined association will enjoy and the economic force such an organisation will wield. As the Salmoiraghi Federmacchine president repeated during the last annual meeting at Villa Fenaroli, the results of the Italian mechanical sector are opening everyone’s eyes but despite this, perception of the business, both from those inside and outside the sector, is still not sufficiently focused on the potential Italian companies have. We represent the jobs that hundreds of thousands of families depend on, we represent cutting edge technology, companies with centuries of history, we are the sector that suffered the most following the crash of 2009 and despite this, has been able to get back up again, dust itself off and return to growth almost immediately. For this, our voice has the right, and indeed, the necessity of being heard in the highest political office, the best way of doing this is through networking, this very focus is at the root of the decision of Assiot and Assofluid to merge into a single entity worth €40 billion annually. ASSIOT has always been characterized by a desire for continuous improvement, offering associates new services, constantly growing in international stature and whose projects and training programmes look to the future of the market. What I have guaranteed to our president, Assunta Galbiati, is to bring in, or to open the door to a return to companies, who, for various reasons are not currently members, with particular focus on custom made gearing producers, as these are the companies whose components are at the heart of much of the transmission our sector designs and manufactures. The old proverb says “strength in numbers” and if it is still true that wisdom takes you far, we are on the right path for sure! I’m pleased to cede the floor to Eng. D’Agostino and to Eng. Sartori from Leonardo Elicotteri.