Con le nuove viti a ricircolo di sfere SBS, Schneeberger consente una trasmissione ottimale della forza con una precisione di posizionamento e ripetibilità estremamente elevata. Le viti consentono velocità assiali elevate e basse nelle più svariate applicazioni.

Ball screws for demanding applications

The new Schneeberger ball screws (SBS) are impressive due to precision and efficiency, which the ground and hardened ball contact surfaces are primarily responsible for. They are therefore equally suitable for use at high and low speeds as well as oscillating short stroke movements. This makes them particularly attractive for demanding applications in machine tools as well as measuring and testing technology.

Schneeberger is expanding its extensive linear technology portfolio with the new SBS ball screws, ensuring optimum precision and convenience at all times.
In order to guarantee these characteristics over the long term, the ball bearing raceways, bearing seats and contact surfaces of the ball screws are precision ground. The spindle outer diameter that is ground with the bearing seats in the same clamping process combines a two-fold benefit. On the one hand, the ball screw can be aligned to the spindle outer diameter, and on the other hand, the efficiency of the wiper systems is significantly increased. Equally important are the induction-hardened spindle and the through-hardened nut.

Minimal wear and silent operation

Overall, the precise and hard ball contact surfaces enable optimum force transmission with extremely high positioning and repeat accuracy. In addition, Schneeberger ball screws stand out due to their quiet, torque-constant running behaviour. Equally important are the accompanying low heat generation, minimal wear and long service life.All these characteristics set new standards for use in demanding sectors, including the machine tool industry, measurement and testing technology, drive and process technology as well as robotics and automation. Depending on requirements, the SBS is available with spindle diameters of 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm. The manufacturer specifies a maximum thread length of 2,000 mm for all sizes. The implementable increases in speed are 1.5 g and the maximum speeds 96 m/min. The accuracy class according to ISO – type P is IT3. Schneeberger serves original equipment manufacturers operating (OEM) in various industries worldwide – from machine tool, solar technology and semiconductor technology to electrical engineering and medical engineering and others.
Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting are all part of Schneeberger’s product and manufacturing range.