Coronavirus: G.I.S.I. is close to its associates

by Renato Uggeri, Honorary President, G.I.S.I.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created very serious socio-economic situations, forcing countries to implement considerable support measures for workers and companies. The extension of the social security measures to those categories previously not covered, especially small and micro enterprises, provided relief allowing them to face the critical phase. However, behind the good intentions, there are difficulties and delays in the implementation of these measures due to bureaucracy. Many entrepreneurs complain about the inadequacy of the economic measures, which envisage loans and not non-repayable grants, even if partial, while from a fiscal standpoint, there are only extensions of deadlines. These measures are insufficient and the procedures are complex. Italy is now in the post-crisis phase, and many industries are reopening with a special focus on workers’ health, while politics is concerned with safeguarding them from a social perspective. In these two months of lockdown, the industrial world has quickly learned to use smart working, creating the conditions for a different future. We encourage entrepreneurs not to underestimate the provisions of the law, and to remain informed through their associations and consultants. G.I.S.I. in smart working is close to its members. The entire sector to which it refers accounts for approximately 4 billion euros, and is transversal with respect to production areas. In addition to large multinational industrial complexes, it includes a myriad of medium, small and micro companies and technical consultants. It is anticipated that it will take a long time to return to normal, which in any case will confirm an important reduction in GDP and turnover. Our sector will emerge better than others as it did after the crisis in 2008, when manufacturing companies focused heavily on the automation of their plants during the recovery phase. You may check out the latest updates on Coronavirus at We would like to remind you that times of crisis are overcome with hope, commitment, trust and responsibility.