tYouth training: a crucial element for the country’s development

By Roberto Gusulfino, Presidente, G.I.S.I. 

The creation of adequate professional skills is one of the main issues for the economic relaunch and innovation of our country. Even companies in the automation and measurement instruments sector find it difficult to find qualified young persons to integrate into their organisations. For this reason, companies tend to hire profiles with a good basic technical culture, and to set up specific training courses in-house. One of the main difficulties encountered is the lack of knowledge about certain job opportunities among young people, especially when it comes to automation and instrumentation.

To try to bridge the gap between school and the job market, G.I.S.I. has established a partnership with ANIPLA – the Italian National Association for Automation. The aim is to promote activities of common interest. As a first area of cooperation, G.I.S.I. member companies will be able to take part in meetings organised by ANIPLA to introduce companies in the automation sector to universities and technical colleges. This is an important opportunity to illustrate to students about to enter the job market the important professional opportunities in the sector, and what positions are open within the various companies.

A second area in which G.I.S.I. intends to support member companies in training their staff is the creation of appropriate courses on highly current technical topics. For this purpose, webinars on topics such as cybersecurity in automation and instrumentation, training courses on regulation and process control and calibration techniques are being planned. G.I.S.I. is thus supporting its members in the development of new professional skills.