Reliable, Sturdy Cylinders for the Recycling Sector

The increase in the price of raw materials and the shortage of steel are stimulating the recycling sector. Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is at the forefront in supplying customised cylinders for this sector, which requires reliable and durable components to keep production running 24/7 and reduce plant downtime.

Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini, founded in 1985 as a manufacturer of small standard hydraulic cylinders, has reversed its course, becoming increasingly specialised in the production of large cylinders made to order according to customer requirements. Today the industrial concern Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is highly specialised in the study, design and complete production of medium and large hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders capable of satisfying particular applications. The technical office is the throbbing heart of the company; every project is followed step by step: from design to production, up to testing, assembly and maintenance.

Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is specialized in the production of large cylinders made to order.
Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is specialized in the production of large cylinders made to order.

Total control over every stage, including component procurement

There are many strategic sectors which Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini addresses with its customised cylinders: naval, scrap processing, drilling and Energy… and many others. The hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are mounted on drilling and offshore rigs to find oil and natural gas, in the handling of dam sluice gates, on cruise ships, on military aircraft carriers and even on carousels, to name but a few. In order to guarantee the total safety of the control chain, Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is supported by its subsidiary GI.BI Meccanica, a structure dedicated to the production of serial parts necessary for the manufacturing of cylinders: a way to have total control over every phase of the manufacturing process, including the procurement of serial components.

At the forefront in the supply of cylinders for the recycling sector

The sector which enabled Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini to record a positive trend both in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021, more than any other, was recycling. The company is forecasting double-digit growth for 2021 and has set itself the goal of achieving orders 15% higher than 2020.
The year 2021 opened with a contraction in raw material supplies. Specifically, the steel, iron and aluminium supply chains suffered a sharp setback. The strong domestic consumption of steel in the Far East led to a decrease in export quotas. Besides, new regulations imposed by China in force since April have reduced incentives for Chinese companies to export crude steel with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. These factors, combined with the decreasing presence of steel mills in Europe and the emptying of warehouses, have created a chronic shortage of raw materials on the global market. These are the elements which, taken together, have driven companies in the recycling sector to make large investments. Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini fits into this scenario. “The sharp rise in scrap prices – Marco Maccagni, Sales Director of Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini, stated – has led end users in the sector to make new investments in machinery for processing scrap. This type of plant often works 365 days a year on 3 shifts, and the hydraulic cylinder is the throbbing heart of the system. Our cylinders are able to ensure efficiency and durability in these critical applications”. “In this particular historical moment, when the trend is more focused on ‘cost reduction’ than on quality and reliability, Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini maintains its quality standards high. Players in the ferrous waste compacting and processing sector choose our cylinders to keep production running 24/7 and reduce downtime” Maccagni concluded.

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