Ottimizzare la gestione delle macchine

Optimizing Machine Management

Alsiter_The automation mover became a reality. The company, which is dedicated to system integration in the world of industrial automation and plant electrification, offers multiple services dedicated to different sectors. In particular, Alsiter carries out a series of specific activities for predictive maintenance, with a view to optimising processes.

The project by Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi has been finalized on November 30th 2020, Alsiter_The automation mover has come to life.
The basic concept of Alsiter is to combine the flexibility and process know-how of Sadas Group with the tailor-made approach and solid experience developed by Sei Sistemi across all industrial and manufacturing sectors, creating one big player in the industrial automation business to meet the requirements of customers and a constantly evolving market. Alsiter_The automation mover addresses several industries: pulp and paper, metal wire, steelworks, rubber and plastics, power distribution, alternative energy. Alsiter_The automation mover can offer a wide range of services and offers uninterrupted 24/7 service in Italy and abroad. With unique know-how and the expertise of highly trained staff, Alsiter can handle complex tasks in any development phase, including the reverse engineering of obsolete plants.

Optimising processes with predictive maintenance

The Alsiter project offers advanced technical solutions for the analysis of operating parameters, including fixed or mobile monitoring systems, in order to optimize maintenance operations and increase the efficiency of production lines. Unlike preventive maintenance, based on planned actions, predictive maintenance is based on the assessment of operating parameters to plan maintenance based on real conditions (CBM – Condition Based Maintenance). The benefits of predictive maintenance include increased revenues, reduction of labor costs, maintenance hours and equipment costs, enhanced safety, increased efficiency of maintenance staff, and creation of working orders with a clear definition of timelines and operating modes. In predictive maintenance operations, the sensors of a machine collect data about its performance. These sensors can monitor and collect real-time data about temperature, health, pressure, vibration and production rates of a specific machine. The sensors then send such data to a processing unit, detecting possible deviations from preset values or machine learning models. In addition, through the ability to replicate and centralise data in its cloud server, Alsiter can provide remote support with qualified and certified staff. In detail, Alsiter can execute the following tasks: thermographic surveys to identify critical situations and monitor plant efficiency; analysis of power grids for optimized checking; planning and management; noise identification and signal integrity check; analysis of vibration generated by plants (basic and advanced analysis); static and dynamic electric analysis on motors and generators to identify possible differences that might lead to damage; infield calibration of rotary parts to minimize the effects of vibration on structure and bearings.