The MECOtech Project is Launched

MEasurement and COntrol instruments are part of every area of our lives: from sensors for cars to vision systems in the production chain, right up to home automation systems. All these uses are linked in MECOtech, GISI’s new platform dedicated to the control and industrial, process and laboratory instrumentation sector, which complements the renewal of the association’s website. The MECOtech project provides the opportunity to promote the brand of its member companies and their innovations effectively, both nationally and internationally. This will be achieved through two integrated solutions which, starting with web promotion carried out continuously (365 days a year) and translated into 16 languages, will end up generating interest and creating contact between potential customers and companies.“MeCotech Conferences 2021 by GISI – Web Events on Instrumentation and Automation” will be organised throughout the year. The first event of 2021, spread over five days, will be held during the first week of March. The focus will be on the process, manufacturing, energy, environmental, service and other industries and will cover: sensors and transmitters; regulators, programmers and controllers; indicators and recorders; actuators and valves; process and laboratory analysis; acquisition, control and supervision systems. The event will increase the visibility of companies through the publication of editorials and the promotion of their initiatives. Constantly updated, it will target a profiled audience, directed towards specific interests. Each company will have a virtual showroom where, by means of photos, videos and webinars, it will be able to present its activities and products to offer a comprehensive experience to the web user captured by the portal. During the event, webinars will be organised with the participation of independent testimonials, member companies and industry experts.