Digital plug and play accelerometer

The USB Digital Accelerometer from PCB Piezotronics puts high-quality, low-hassle vibration measurements in the palm of your hand. Model 633A01 allows users to take professional-grade vibration measurements right from a PC, smartphone or tablet, turning any device into a portable, handheld vibration meter spectrum analyzer. The simplicity of Model 633A01 opens the door to those just starting out in vibration, while still providing the accuracy and range needed by the experts. This unit is compatible with a variety of software applications, allowing users to choose the app that best fits their testing needs. Model 633A01 also uses standard drivers, making it possible to write custom software if necessary. Based on piezoelectric sensing technology, Model 633A01 has a wide frequency range (0.9 to 15,000 Hz at ±3dB tolerance).
The unit comes in a rugged, stainless steel, hermetically sealed package to survive harsh environments. With a cable length of 3 meters, taking measurements is quick and easy, even in the most difficult to reach places.