Magnetic encoder

The BML SGA absolute magnetic encoder by Balluff Automation is ideal where absolute accuracy of position and end-of-travel is required. Since leaving and returning to the detection range of the magnetic tape is permitted, it provides a simple and economical solution for demanding applications in the fields of automation and machine tool building. With its Drive-Cliq interface, the system can be perfectly integrated into Siemens controller environments. Siemens has certified the system accordingly. Plug and Play installation allows the controller to automatically detect the sensor and its basic settings.
The system continuously checks the measurement quality, so that any mechanical position shift is directly detected.
Among the main features: non-contact and wear-free measuring principle; measuring lengths up to 48 m, high system accuracy to ± 12 µm; high read distance up to 1.3 mm, that makes installation easier; status LED and diagnostic functions for reliable operation and quicker maintenance; compact form factor.