Compact electromagnetic flowmeter

Isoil Industria introduces the new CS8100 compact electromagnetic flowmeter, ideal for processes and machine automations where measurement reliability and accuracy are required. Typical applications are flow rate measurement or regulation of reagents, cooling liquids or additives for example in wood, cement, cutting machines or similar processes. The compact meter is equipped with a display, ready for use, and doesn’t require any specific configuration, is simply installated in the process line through the threaded connection, and once the power supply is connected, the flow rate is displayed. Advanced electronics manage diagnostics such as empty pipe detection, bidirectional measurement and guarantee high noise rejection. The instrument can be powered via the USB port of the PC, making the configuration operations with the dedicated MCP software simple. The CS8100 allows flow measurements of liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 μS/cm, offering measurement accuracy ± 1% of the value read for a range of flow rates up to 2400 l / h. Each CS8100 meter is calibrated on facilities accredited to the ISO17025 standard.