Decentralised drive technology

Nord Drivesystems has recently presented its decentralised and intelligent drive concepts. Product highlights include the Nordac Link field distributor series and Nordac Flex as well as the efficient plug-and-play solution LogiDrive. The decentralised drive components from are freely configurable and can be flexibly adjusted to various applications. Their areas of application range from conveyor technology and intralogistics through applications in the packaging and food industry to pump applications. The Nordac Link field distributor series (in the picture) is available as a frequency inverter and also as a motor starter. The high plug-in capability translates into fast and easy installation of the units. Commissioning and servicing of the system is performed quickly with the integrated maintenance switch and the local manual control facility. The Nordac Flex inverter is equipped with an integrated PLC and positioning control Posicon – just like the Nordac Link. The PLC can reduce the load on the higher level control, and enables a modular automation concept. It is able to process data from connected sensors and actuators and it directly initiates a sequence control.