At the water exhibition the focus is on innovations

At H20, the water exhibition scheduled in Bologna in October, the focus is on innovations of the water system. A full calendar of events will highlight best practices through an examination of the national and international technology on display

di Massimo Brozan

Innovating, seizing opportunities and learning from success stories is often the best approach to respond to the necessities of renewal, in particular if we are talking about the Italian water system. This is the approach that H20 – the International Water Exhibition, scheduled for the Bologna Exhibition Centre from 17 to 19 October 2018 – aims to employ in order to “value water”. The calendar of events at H20 offers a space for discussions with institutions, regulatory bodies, companies and utilities in order to highlight the problems with the system, to discover the basis for developing new resources and to provide a high quality service. The objective is to focus on best practices linked to the renewal of the infrastructure, the development of water resources and environmental protection, through an examination of the national and international technology on display.

Trends, maintenance, environment: a full calendar of events
H20 is also an appointment for information and training for operators from the sector. With this in mind, the guiding themes of the information and training pathways will be innovation, digitalisation, maintenance and management of the networks, best practices for the industry and utilities. The three days will open with the inaugural convention “Lets’ Value Water: innovation in the maintenance and management of the networks” offering a comparison between the main national and regional institutions on the topic of how innovation can lead to improvements in the quality of water management and the service. In the afternoon of the opening day will be the seminar “Let’s Value Water: the market, innovation and future scenarios for water”, during which the H20 Cresme report will be presented along with some case studies of successful projects. In the field of technology, ANIE has organised for the 18 October the convention “Technology and expertise at the service of the networks: how to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow”. On the same day will be the convention “Technologies and digital at the service of the water sector” organised by REF for 18 October. The meeting will illustrate the potential and the effects of new technologies and the capacity for regulation and the incentives of Industry 4.0 to encourage their diffusion. The seminar “Models and platforms for the integrated water service”, scheduled for 18 October, will include speeches by some qualified operators from the integrated water service about relevant innovative experiences in our country and abroad, on the theme of maintenance and energy-saving for the distribution and collection networks and for the treatment plants. Further more conventions and workshops have been organised.

A prize for innovative products
H20 will also host the latest edition of the “H20 Innovation Award”, the prize that, thanks to a group of experts on the jury, will acknowledge the innovative products of particular merit. Thanks to the collaboration with WRC, the winners will be able to promote their solutions on the portal of Venturi dedicated to innovative products for the international market. The award ceremony will take place on the 18th of October. l