For an “Industry 4.0 ready” company

Endress+Hauser wants to provide its clients with added value to increase the availability, safety and efficiency of their plants from an Industry 4.0 standpoint. This is thanks to their range of products, concrete applications and technological visions

by Laura di Jorio
In the digitization era, Endress+Hauser meets new demands with new value opportunities by means of Industry 4.0, to increase the availability, safety and efficiency of plants. On the occasion of SPS IPC Drives Italy, held in Parma on May 22nd–24th, the company showcases its best solutions to support clients implementing Industry 4.0: intelligent sensors, products and services as well as their applications for an “Industry 4.0 ready” company. Even in the safety domain Endress+Hauser presents its innovations, such as, the functions of the Heartbeat technolgy, and the TrustSens temperature sensor with its self-gauging system. And there’s more: the possible applications of the new optimized flow measurer, Picomag, may be evaluated. This new intelligent, pocket-size device offers functions for maximum system integration thanks to a Bluetooth connection, I/O link connection and current output.

For a constantly updated measurement, ready for the future
Let us start by introducing Heartbeat Technology, which “gives life” to devices providing the diagnosis, verifying performances and monitoring all the process data for the predictive maintenance strategies and the optimization of the processes. It is as though devices had their own pulse, their heartbeat, and provided information as to their health, how reliable they are and what can be done to improve the processes’ performances. Heartbeat Technology thereby reduces maintenance costs and increases safety simply testing the apparatuses without having to remove them from the process and extending the gauging cycles. Proline 300/500, on the other hand, is synonymous with optimized flow measurement, for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector, thanks to the Simply Smart concept which allows to plan simply and rapidly and to operate safely, maintenance included.

Radar level measuring instruments: the ideal wavelength
Endress+Hauser’s reply to the question of what the correct radar frequency emission should be for level measurement is 113GHz. This is the sum of all the emission frequencies it has available in the range of radar level measuring instruments: every application has its ideal emission frequency. The company tunes to the wavelength to understand exactly what the clients need for their process. Micropilot FMR60, FMR62 and FMR67 complete the range of radar tools. The new series was developed in accordance with IEC 61508 and complies with the most stringent safety requirements. On the other hand, the new Micropilot FMR6x can support the Heartbeat Technology. To conclude, all of this is complemented by the range of Endress+Hauser services for the maintenance of automation systems for production processes, customized for the whole life cycle of the plant, from planning and engineering by means of procurement, installation and commissioning, right up to maintenance and gauging services. l