Scada: scalable and modular

Progea presents Movicon.NexT, wihich has reached its 3.3 version. This Scada is a scalable and modular development platform that is simple and effective for creating projects of any size using graphics tools, predefined modules within a simple and intuitive development environment. Movicon.NExT connects to the field and integrates with other applications to distribute information to local or remote clients. The platform is Industry 4.0-ready to connect to any type of measuring and control device. In fact, it is the Movicon.NExT server that manages communications with field protocols, alarms and all the recording data using recording models that render it independent from any database format being used, whether local, in network or the Cloud. Specifically designed IoT gateways and connectors facilitate the realization of simple connectivity architectures in public networks and data storage in non-relational databases residing in the cloud. The platform’s information model is OPC UA technology-based with OPC foundation certification. The Libraries are rich in symbols and objects permitting users to create quick and easy graphical pages that can be displayed on local clients, in any browser with the HTML5 technology and in special Apps.