Strengthening of distribution capacity

Fridle Group is raising its distribution capacity by acquiring the majority share of the Turin-based company Guarnifluid.

October 1st, 2021 marks the beginning of the Fridle Group – Guarnifluid joint business in light of the new corporate organisation, with Fridle Group acquiring the majority of the shareholding structure. With this transaction, Fridle Group brings to its organisation the technical competence acquired by Guarnifluid in 35 years of business and its extensive knowledge of Piemonte, Liguria and Val d’Aosta, geographical areas where the company has always worked successfully.

The voice of the protagonists

Arianna Fridle, CEO of Fridle Group (in the picture), comments: “We are enthusiastic about the idea of starting the Group’s journey of growth in the area with Guarnifluid. In fact, after opening the site in Brescia and to allow Fridle Group to better support its customers located in North-Western Italy, we believed it was the best choice to work alongside Guarnifluid. We believe that this is a great opportunity for both companies, we have a lot to offer our partner in terms of corporate organisation, technical skill and, finally, a warehouse worth over eight million euros. “For Guarnifluid this is a great leap forward, – comments Roberto Fini Operational Director at Guarnifluid – and for us it represents the possibility of entrusting the development of our business to a leading group in Italy, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the sector, economic solidity and strategic vision. The structure that a distribution company such as Fridle Group can provide us with will be a great advantage, and we will use it to improve the support provided to date, in terms of product availability and new application solutions. We will be able to avail of the support of FridleTech, the Seals Engineering division of Fridle Group, allowing us to provide special sealing solutions with SKF technology and materials, on technical customer specifications”.