Stainless steel push-in fittings

Sistem Pneumatica, a company specialising in the design and the production of fittings and components for the automation of pneumatic systems launched its first line push-in fittings made of stainless steel AISI 316L that were designed and manufactured to work in particularly aggressive environments and to convey corrosive liquids.

These fittings are ideal for permanent contact with food fluids, for use in difficult environments, even saline and can be sanitized and washed with aggressive detergents. Compared to other fittings on the market, Sistem Pneumatica has designed a particularly miniaturized line that is at the same time robust, solid and long-lasting. The compact design of these components, the result of an ad hoc design, allows them to be used even in applications where tightening space is limited; without compromising performance such as the air flow which is in any case in line with the needs of use.

Robustness is another key feature

Taking into account the field of application of these components, Sistem Pneumatica has opted, in addition to the best quality 316L stainless steel material, for molded parts produced by a hot forging process. Compared to other technologies, this choice offers the maximum strength in all its fittings. Sistem Pneumatica’s stainless steel line of fittings is easily recognizable from the “316”, clearly visible marking.