I raccordi push-fit SharkBite Air & Pneumatics utilizzano la tecnologia data dalla combinazione “presa+tenuta”.

Save Money with Push-fit Brass Fittings

RWC, with its John Guest and SharkBite brands, offers an even broader range of push-fit solutions that provide higher performance, easier installation, and better labour and energy savings than traditional methods.

RWC expands its range of reliable, sustainable and efficient push-fit solutions for compressed air and pneumatics with the new SharkBite Air & Pneumatics brass push-fit fittings. Specially designed for medium to large commercial and industrial applications, the SharkBite Air & Pneumatics push-fit fitting system is ideal for heavy-duty applications, as it can support pressures up to 20 bar, exceeding market standards and providing peace of mind to installers. This system solves common industry challenges such as long installation times, pipe corrosion, pressure drops and leaks that lead to higher energy costs.

SharkBite Air & Pneumatics’ range of quick-connect ensure fast, reliable connections.
SharkBite Air & Pneumatics’ range of quick-connect ensure fast, reliable connections.

Fast and reliable connections without tools

Available in sizes ranging from 10mm up to 54mm, SharkBite Air & Pneumatics’ range of quick-connect fittings – including a 45° elbow to improve airflow and reduce pressure drop – ensure fast, reliable connections. With one simple operation, a perfect joint can be made, without the need for tools, silicone, heat intervention, solder or glue. In fact, SharkBite Air & Pneumatics push-fit fittings use the technology of the “grip+seal” combination: the stainless-steel ring, which grips the hose, plus the O-ring, providing a tight seal. In addition, the tamper-proof design ensures secure disassembly, making system expansions and modifications quick and easy. Designed to securely crimp anodized aluminium tubing, this innovative range is also compatible with painted aluminium, copper, PEXa and nylon tubing.

Easily modified solutions that improve efficiency

The new SharkBite Air & Pneumatics solutions complement John Guest-branded range of plastic push-fit fittings designed for small to medium-sized applications up to 10 bar, such as garages and small commercial premises. Both plastic and brass push-fit systems meet the need for flexibility as layouts in factories must adapt and change faster than ever with minimal downtime. All John Guest and SharkBite compressed air systems can be easily disassembled, extended or modified, making life easier for installers, improving system efficiency and performance, and cutting set up times by 50% compared to traditional methods.

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