I nuovi cavi chainflex IO-Link sono stati appositamente progettati per l’utilizzo in torsione nei robot e per le massime sollecitazioni in catena portacavi.

Reliable Communication Even Under Torsion

The IO-Link technology enables users to communicate quickly and easily with their sensors and actuators. The cables for IO-Link must withstand the highest stresses in the energy chain and torsion on the robot. igus has developed two new cables for this purpose, which convinced users with a tested service life of 22 million strokes.

When sensors go haywire and actuators do not really work, the frustration of the production manager is pre-programmed. IO-Link technology enables users to monitor the status of their sensors and communicate with them at any time. It is the first worldwide standard (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators. igus has developed two new cables especially for the IO-Link system.
The challenge was that cables for IO-Link must be able to withstand highly dynamic movements in small radii and must also be twistable, since they are frequently used on robots.

The cables withstand 22 million runs and are certified U

The two new INI cables of the CF77.UL.D series are designed both for the highest demands in the energy chain and for use in torsion at ±180 degrees/m. They are available with a grey outer jacket for general functions and with a yellow outer jacket for safety functions. The cables have a bending factor of 6.8xd and are therefore also suitable for compact installation spaces. Compared to other IO-Link cables for small bend radii, the new chainflex cables are 32% more cost-effective and thus also interesting in terms of purchasing. The extended CF77.UL.D series is UL approved and has – like all igus cables – a chainflex guarantee of 36 months. The guarantee promise was also tested by UL and certified with “UL verified B 129699”. The chainflex innovations were able to prove their long service life in igus test laboratory: they withstood 22 million strokes with a bend radius of 6.4xd. All chainflex cables are available directly from stock without cutting costs. In addition, igus also offers the new cables directly harnessed as tested readycable with an M12, M8 and M5 connector.

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