Going electric for precise positioning

norelem, standard components specialist, has introduced a new electric rotary stage with coaxial electric drive to enable quick, accurate and repeatable positioning. This rotary stage is quiet and low-maintenance, and can be easily integrated into any handling system.

In addition to norelem’s manual rotary stages, norelem offers positioning rotary stages with coaxial electric drive. Thanks to its digital control system, norelem’s newly electric range enables angular positions to be precisely and repeatably set to within a hundredth of a millimetre. With the assured accuracy of norelem’s electric rotary stages, they are ideal for use with handling systems, machine tools or measuring equipment that require motorised adjustment and positioning for consistent outputs. norelem’s electric positioning rotary stages operate quietly and require little maintenance, and with free programming software available, they can be seamlessly integrated into any motion system. The pre-tensioned worm gear operates with almost no backlash and the worm shaft bearing offers maximum radial rotation accuracy. Cables can be routed through the large hole in the hollow shaft and with the adjustable positioning ring, the rotation reference point can be set as desired to the position of the mounted component.

Rotary stage available for high loads as well

Available in size 8 with a gear ratio of 40:1 and size 12 with a gear ratio of 55:1, and a maximum output torque of 1.2 Nm or 3 Nm, there are 18 versions to choose from. The electric rotary stages can be purchased with or without a motor and/or a control unit and the cable outputs and control orientation can be individually defined. For a long service life, the housing and the turntable are made from anodised aluminium while the hollow shaft is stainless steel. norelem has also introduced electric positioning rotary stages for high loads, which meet the highest demands for speed and accuracy. In these angular design models, the bearing of the hollow shaft and turntable is affected by means of an axial needle bearing. The rotary stages for high loads are available exclusively in size 12 with gear ratios of 10:1 and 45:1, with an output torque of 3 Nm. Both product families are compatible with the Nema 17 stepper motor and can be combined with all other positioning systems of the same size. The entire range of rotary stages, alongside an extensive inventory of flexible standard parts and components can be found in norelem’s e catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK. l