Developing digital transformation skills

Siemens Digital Industries Software introduced Xcelerator Academy, a new unified approach to developing the skills of users, implementers and developers during their digital transformation journeys with the Xcelerator™ portfolio.

This global training offering uses state-of-the-art tools, high-quality curriculum, world class instructors, and easy to access virtual and physical campuses to address the role-based needs of both customers and partners. Xcelerator Academy empowers Siemens’ software users with the skills needed to optimize their digital enterprise by channeling a broad range of expertise from services professionals and learning consultants into compelling, easy to consume, role-based learning journeys.

Helping companies realize value

Xcelerator Academy can help businesses realize value from technology-driven process improvement by providing users with the skills needed to accelerate product proficiency and solution adoption. Hands on learning events with technical experts and specific role-based, outcome-oriented learning journeys can guide users through the knowledge and practices needed to maximize the value that can be achieved from the digital twin. On demand availability offers access to the skills needed today, with content continuously added and ongoing support of performance to stay current.

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