Il controller e il software Moog offrono ai manager di laboratorio e agli ingegneri elevati livelli di accuratezza.

A New Software for Test Controllers

Moog introduces version 3.18 of its Integrated Test Suite software for test controllers. It helps engineers speed up sensor calibration processes, and provides uptime and data with high accuracy. In addition, with a trade-in program, labs can replace obsolete systems with the latest Moog solutions.

Moog has released a new Integrated Test Suite software (version 3.18) for its recently introduced Moog Test Controller to give test lab managers and technicians a platform that easily and precisely runs tests on hydraulic or electric test systems of virtually any size. With thousands of I/O combinations from modular building blocks, Moog Test Controller’s design offers one system for strength, fatigue or noise-vibration-harshness tests.
The Moog test controller and newly released software version 3.18 are reliable for running complex, months long automotive tests or simple checks for a product line like an end-of-line damper test. In either case, if a test machine or specimen breaks, the impact is costly. To guard against breaks or stoppages, Moog’s controller and software provide unrivalled uptime and data, which a test engineer can reproduce with minimal to no adjustments in calibration.

The new Moog system helps test engineers achieve a stable and flexible software platform.
The new Moog system helps test engineers achieve a stable and flexible software platform.

Supporting engineers to speed up the adjustment process

Setting up the Moog platform in a lab is intuitive, even for complex tests because the latest version of the software’s interface guides users. The product’s calibration wizard helps a test engineer adjust sensors quickly, which speeds up the set-up process.The new Moog system also helps a test engineer achieve a stable and flexible software platform, properly tuned to run drive files. The way in which Moog’s controller and software integrate with existing test systems also spells low operational costs for lab managers, higher productivity and a greater degree of insight into how tests are progressing.
Moog’s controller and software bring lab managers and test engineers precision, in part, by delivering high, internal sampling rates and a 24-bit signal resolution for controlling and recording data, which is 32 times greater than the signal resolution found in 19-bit offerings.
Along with the launch of Moog Test Controller and Software release 3.18, Moog offers a trade-in program for lab managers who want to upgrade any make of test controller they own. When a qualifying lab or test house contacts Moog and turns in its current test controller for recycling, the lab manager will receive instant credit toward the purchase of a new Moog Test Controller and Integrated Test Suite software.