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The real problem? Identifying the problem


This may sound like a paradox but it is not. I would like to use this space to stimulate reflection on aspects directly related to the actions to be implemented to promote continuous improvement in the company, but not only. Unfortunately, I often realise that in complex application contexts, the strategy devised to “solve” a problem or achieve an objective starts from a basic error concerning the incorrect identification and definition of the problem or objective itself. There is always talk of “problem solving”, and new recruits are required to have “great problem-solving skills”, but I am increasingly convinced that the rarest and most useful skill is linked to a process upstream of problem solving: the exact identification of the problem itself or “problem finding”.  The difficulty of this phase is often linked to incomplete information and the increasingly limited time available, which implies the impossibility of assessing all the variables and undoubtedly to the “selective” attention that normally characterises an analytical approach.

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Domenico Di Monte