Distribution agreement in the field of high-force electric linear actuators

Mclennan, the motion control component supplier and systems integrator has signed a distribution agreement with the USA-based electric linear actuator, roller screw and grooved roller bearing designer and manufacturer Creative Motion Control (CMC).

Formed in 2002, and with a growing reputation for its innovative approach to motion engineering, CMC’s products are characterised by their exceptional durability, extremely high-force capacity, superior power density and long maintenance-free life. Mclennan are excited to take on the new range and particularly enthused with the CPD-series high force linear actuators that combine CMC’s precision roller screw and patented grooved roller bearing components to offer dramatically higher loads and longer life than similarly sized actuators on the market. With the possibility to select much more compact package sizes for the same power ratings, these attributes perfectly suit cost-effective applications in presses, broaching or stamping machines, injection moulding machines, hydraulic cylinder replacement and anywhere where controlled high linear force and/or precision positioning is required.

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