Digital Stainless Steel Gauges

Sermac introduces the new range of Microtech digital gauges with force control, providing high accuracy and quality even in the harshest workshop environments. Lightweight, ergonomic and practical, they feature a compact design and high colour contrast

An international company, Microtech is a partner capable of accompanying the technological evolution of measurement systems with a wide range of high precision and quality instruments, integrated with innovative, flexible and user-friendly software solutions. Present all over the world with over forty direct distributors, it is represented and distributed exclusively in Italy by Sermac. The product range includes new digital gauges in stainless steel with Swiss electronics, equipped with a special module called E-Force. Patented by Microtech, the module allows control of the measuring force between the jaws, programmable from 1 to 20 N, so that the same force is always applied. This technology significantly improves gauge accuracy in terms of measurement repeatability, and allows the gauge to be used on a wide range of different materials and hardness. The range is developed in three sizes for a field of measurable lengths of 0-150, 0-200, 0-300 mm, external jaws lengths of 40, 50, 60 mm, internal jaws lengths of 16, 18, 21 mm and a depth gauge with a section of 3.5×1.4 mm. The gauge has a resolution of up to 0.001 mm, and an accuracy of up to +/-0.005 mm.

Compact design and high definition touch screen

Lightweight, ergonomic and practical, the gauge is appreciated by users for its compact design and high-contrast colours allowing instrument visibility and easy readings. The large 1.5” display with highly defined touch-screen features large characters to make measurement readings easy and accurate. All controls, both electronic and mechanical, are conveniently operated and easily selected by touch. The operator can easily take single-handed measurements also thanks to the smoothness and fluidity of the self-lubricated slide. All gauges manufactured by Microtech have hand-finished measuring jaws. They are also subjected to stringent 100% quality metrological testing, carried out at a dedicated ilac-MRA accredited metrology laboratory in compliance with ISO 17025 standards; the relevant calibration certificate is issued at no extra cost.

A free software to transfer measurement results

The Swiss electronics allow a number of convenient functions such as: mm/inch conversion, zeroing of the instrument in any position, preset, setting of the E-Force module force control, temperature compensation, timer, GO/NO GO function, formula, linear correction, statistical analysis of results and wireless data transmission up to 50 m and USB. Power is supplied by an integrated battery which can be recharged using a dedicated magnetic socket. All gauges can be used with Microtech’s free software to transfer measurement results to computers, tablets and smartphones. The software is available for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems for use with up to two instruments simultaneously, or under a Pro license to extend this to 32 instruments with Windows.