Pressure: Choose a High Quality Transducer

Adroit is the pressure transducer made by Druck, a British company distributed in Italy by EP. Let’s find out in detaiL what are the technicaL characteristics of this device, thanks to the comparative anaLysis of performance and tests carried out in the Laboratory

The ADROIT6000 series pressure transducer from Druck, a British company distributed in our country by EP, boasts high performance and reliability.  But what are the parameters, values and characteristics that distinguish a high quality pressure transducer? How do you recognize all the parameters that guarantee a good performance? Below, we have listed the values that you must consider to make the right choice of sensor for your test bench, test line or leak test, or wherever there is a test, inspection or verification that include a pressure measurement which must be very accurate and stable: static accuracy, non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, overpressure, operating temperature and compensated range. It is also essential to know precisely the value of these other parameters to operate a conscious choice of the transducer: temperature effects (TEB – Total Error Band), zero & span setting, response time, measuring range, zero & span adjustment, long term stability, shock, vibration, EMC (EMI/ RFI), wetting parts, technology.

ADROIT6000 allows easy installation  even where  the available space is minimal.
ADROIT6000 allows easy installation even where the available space is minimal.

The results of the comparison with other equivalent sensors

Having defined these values, EP decided to compare Druck’s ADROIT6000 with seven equivalent sensors produced by other brands. The first analysis was carried out simply by comparing the values declared on the datasheet of each individual product with the other ones. To do this, EP entrusted the comparative analysis of the eight sensors to expert technicians, in order to obtain an initial evaluation based on the data expressed in the technical and specific characteristics of each product. The study revealed the excellent performance of ADROIT.
In particular, the overpressure capacity (4x) highlights the strength of Druck, as well as the wide operating temperature (-55… + 125° C) that allows the use of the transducer in the most severe conditions. But ADROIT also stands out for RSS accuracy (NL + H + R) and for temperature stability, so as well as being robust, it makes it particularly suitable even for those applications that require accurate pressure detection. Finally, do not forget the resistance to mechanical shocks (Railway BS-EN-50121-3-2),  further proof of the product’s sturdiness, and the compact dimensions, which allows easy installation, even where the available space is minimal. 

The data stated in the datasheet found a confirmation in the operation

To confirm these results, EP carried out a further test, this time based on the performance of the instruments, carried out in the laboratory. Therefore, the laboratory verified and analyzed that the data stated in the datasheet found effective confirmation in the operation. The results obtained in the comparison of the calibration of the ADROIT transmitters with the samples of the laboratory and the tests in the climatic chamber were excellent, and confirmed the high performance and the perfect and fast digital temperature compensation. The comparative analysis that has been carried out according to the TPE (Total Probable Error) methodology- defined by the IEC-62828 Standards- gives Adroit the best score compared to the other competitors examined. Comparison sheets and laboratory results are available to EP’s customers.