An All-Around Testing and Diagnostics Equipment

Thanks to a wide range of testing and diagnostics solutions, both handheld and workbench-based equipment, the Conrad Sourcing Platform satisfies the needs of specialists in a variety of fields, from training to labs and trade

In a wide range of scenarios, the availability of testing and diagnostics equipment is key. This is why, in the last quarter of this year, Conrad have decided to put various testing equipment deals offered by brands and manufacturers such as Voltcraft, Fluke, Rhode & Schwarz, Flir and Testo, centre-stage. The Conrad Sourcing Platform already supplies a comprehensive range of products, both handheld and workbench-based equipment, offering a large choice of electronic, metric and environmental testers, and power supply units. Conrad offers not only a deep product range, but also related services. Besides in-house calibration, it are also working with external partners. This enables the company to look after more than thirty types of equipment regardless of the make, covering over one hundred units of measurements whilst fully complying with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and IEC 17025:2018 standards. 

The Conrad Sourcing Platform offers a wide range of handheld devices.
The Conrad Sourcing Platform offers a wide range of handheld devices.

Meet the needs of laboratories

Conrad supply industrial-grade testing equipment especially developed for use in labs across all fields of science, namely electrical engineering, electronics, biomedical research, physics, chemistry, manufacturing, product development, material sciences and food control. In addition, the Conrad Sourcing Platform stocks precision scales with sensitivities of less than 1 mg, aimed at the pharma industry, drug dispensaries, hospitals and jewellery stores. Electronics designers can choose from a variety of software that allows simulating products ahead of prototyping and preproduction runs. Last but not least, thermal imagers help identify hot spots, faulty SMDs and components with the wrong specifications on PCBs quickly and accurately. A large selection of component testers for checking inductors, capacitors, diodes and resistors further boosts the product range.

Solutions for workshops and tradespeople

The Conrad platform caters for builders, contractors and service engineers, supplying test equipment covering electrical installation, machinery and plant MRO and domestic wiring. The products are designed for use in both facility management workshops and in field applications. The supplied range of equipment comprises thermal imagers, and instruments measuring and processing quantities such as temperature, pressure, SPL, relative humidity, light intensity, air speed, pollutant concentrations, EMFs and radiation levels. This also includes testers determining the composition of soil types, gases and liquids, as well as meters detecting amperage, voltage, signal strength, frequency, impedance and hardness grades. When it comes to building surveying, Conrad’s range of products comprises clamp meters, VDE-approved phase testers, metric testers, thermal imagers and much more.