Smart Camera for High Production Speeds

Datalogic introduces the P2x Series, a powerful smart camera that tackles the widest range of uses. Ideal on robot guidance applications, thanks to its high processing power it allows for use at the highest of production speeds

The smart camera with the flexibility of a full-blown vision system: the P2x Series from Datalogic packs the heavyweight specifications into the industrial-grade camera housing to tackle the most demanding application requirements.The small form factor and large field of view make it the ideal camera on robot guidance applications. The built-in lighting system means that you can use this on production lines running all shapes sizes and colors. The high processing power allows for use at the highest of production speeds.

Moving a single camera through several inspection points

The P2x Series, with its 2 MP resolution and choice of multi-colored illumination, is a versatile solution for manufacturing applications in automotive, electronics, food & beverage, medical & pharma. It verifies that components are positioned and assembled correctly before moving into the next phase of the manufacturing process. At one time, users would have required multiple cameras to inspect products from various angles. Now, with the help of a robot and Datalogic’s advanced plug and play integration, users can effectively and easily move a single camera through several inspection points. The P2x Series is also equipped with full OCR capability, giving you the added benefit of reading labels and ensuring compliance with the full track and trace or serialization needs, that are increasingly important in manufacturing operations today.

An accelerometer monitors the orientation

The P2x Series can detect small movement from its original set-up. It comes equipped with an embedded accelerometer that continuously monitors and tracks the camera orientation. Once set up, the orientation details are saved to memory, and any deviation triggers an instant warning. Then there won’t be any errors normally associated with camera movement. Any static applications can be repeatedly run without having to worry about positional errors that may occur during repeated operations or over time. When combined with the large field of view of the inbuilt CMOS sensor, the P2x Series is able of handling the pace of today’s high-speed manufacturing operations.

Any glare or reflections are removed by optical filters

The P2x Series brings you all the enhanced features of Impact software that users of the MX-E vision processors will already be familiar with. Advanced OCR, pattern sort, and pattern find are fast becoming necessary in high speed manufacturing operations today. The Illuminator LEDs embed TIR lenses to deliver the maximum amount of light onto the field-of-view. Any glare or unwanted reflections are easily removed using optical filters. Although very technically capable, the P2x Series is easily setup and operated. With a 360° multi-color visual feedback, it is easy to see how the camera is performing without the need to check software or HMI panels.