Tax Credit Promotes 4.0 Training

The Ministry of Economic Development has extended for the 2021-2022 two-year period an important provision to stimulate investments in staff training on technologies for the technological and digital transformation of businesses. Tax credit has been envisaged to be used exclusively in compensation and as a percentage of expenses related to employees engaged in eligible training activities, and limited to the company cost referred to the hours or days of training, to the extent of 50% of eligible expenses and up to an annual maximum limit of 300,000 euros for small enterprises; for medium-sized enterprises the ceiling is 40% of eligible expenses with an annual maximum limit of 250,000 euros; finally, for large enterprises the limit is set at 30% of eligible expenses with an annual maximum of 250,000 euros. The ceiling is increased to 60% for all companies, with the same maximum annual limits, in case the recipients of the training fall within protected categories. The tax credit is available to all companies resident in Italy, with the exception of those in voluntary liquidation, bankruptcy, compulsory administrative liquidation, arrangement with creditors without business continuity or other insolvency proceedings. Eligibility for the tax credit is, however, subject to compliance with workplace safety regulations and the proper fulfilment of obligations to pay social security contributions. Also eligible for the tax credit are expenses relating to employees who participate as teachers or tutors in training activities, up to 30% of the total annual remuneration to which the employee is entitled.