Barcode Readers Are Being Renewed

Turck Banner has renewed its ABR series barcode readers, now equipped with higher resolutions and polarisation. The devices ensure perfect decoding of even challenging barcodes, and optimal contrast thanks to integrated lighting

The entire series of ABR barcode readers from Turck Banner Italia has been renewed. The new 2 Megapixel (MP) ABR 7000 models offer higher resolution to read smaller codes, over a larger target area and at greater distances. Polarisation is now also available for the 1.3 MP and 2 MP ABR 7000 models, ideal for targets with reflective or glare surfaces. The renewed series is versatile and suitable for demanding applications, while retaining ease of use, compact design and all other features typical of the ABR series. It is ideal for a variety of applications including: device and component traceability, DPM (Direct Part Marks) code reading, activity monitoring, automated line changeovers, high speed process control, end-of-line palletising logistics, sorting and shipping operations, and first and second degree parcel and package checks.

State-of-the-art imagers and algorithms

The new series of ABR barcode readers features a 2 MP (1,600 x 1,200 pixels) imager which can reliably read small or complex barcodes, even at great distances or in very wide fields of view. The polarisation models are available in both 1.3 MP and 2 MP resolutions to optimise performance in any application which involves reading codes on shiny, reflective or glaring surfaces. Using advanced algorithms, each device in the range decodes a complete library of 1D and 2D barcodes, including DPM, damaged, distorted or overprinted codes.

The ABR 7000  is available in  a variety of LED configurations.
The ABR 7000 is available in a variety of LED configurations.

Bright and uniform light with integrated illumination

Standard integrated LED illuminators provide bright, uniform light to illuminate barcodes and offer adequate contrast for reliable reading. Turck Banner’s ABR 7000 is available in a variety of LED configurations, including one with multi-colour LEDs for bright-field and dark-field illumination in a single device, ideal for low-contrast and DPM code reading. The readers’ all-in-one design incorporates the imager, lens and LED illumination in a single device. Autofocus is also available, allowing for simplified device installation and replacement. The compact ABR 7000 has a rotating connector for straight or right-angle installations. Configuration of the device is easy with the Barcode Manager software or the on-board Smart Teach interface. The Barcode Manager connects, configures and monitors several ABR readers simultaneously. This free and intuitive software offers flowchart programming and a wide range of configuration options, including a single-phase process for automatic set-up, and an advanced option which provides full access to modify and configure device settings. It also connects more readers with master-slave functionality for complex applications.