A Site-Proof Measuring

Dura range by Asita was designed to ensure the ideal measuring application on site. The family includes instruments that are suitable for use in all contexts: three current clamps, a multimeter, an insulation tester and two thermal cameras

Specialized in the production of electrical and electronic measuring instruments, Asita proposes its Dura range. The name already suggests the main feature of the line: robustness. Suitable for use in all contexts, the family includes: three current clamps, a multimeter, an insulation tester that also combines the functions of a multimeter and two thermal cameras.

Current clamps and multimeter

The current clamps’ proposal includes three models, all TRMS: Dura PA310, 600A AC, Dura PA350 600A AC/DC; DURA PA610, 1000A AC+DC. The current clamps, besides being practical and easy to use, incorporate an innovative system with double toroid, which makes precise measurements possible by positioning thin cables (up to 11 mm) in the proper slot on the tip. Dura multimeter MD710, TRMS 1000V, is particularly versatile instrument, and it’s ideal to be used every day in many different situations. Asita has always invested in the safety of the instruments it proposes and today, with DURA line, wants to push this definition hard with a multimeter CAT IV – 1000V. It also incorporates a sensor for detecting voltage without metal contact and it is protected against wrong insertions up to 1000V. Dura multimeter MD710 is also smart, through the optical interface and the optional software it is in fact possible to put the instrument in communication with the computer and record the measurements visualized on the display in a file.

An insulation tester

The most eclectic instrument of the Dura series is MI720. Those who usually carry out the insulation tests, perfectly know all necessary procedures to operate safely: the first is to check that there is no voltage with a multimeter. Having already the embedded VAC function allows to save time and increase productivity, and so does the comparator function, which instantly communicates the pass/fail. Dura MI720 is not only an insulation tester, but also contains the functions of a professional multimeter: less tools to carry, less chance of losing them.
AC/DC voltage measurement, embedded frequency and resistance will be opportunities to maximize the investment. The instrument also features the VFD filter – variable frequency drive, ideal for the downstream measurement of inverters and frequency converters.

Thermal cameras for every need

Finally, Dura thermal cameras follow the line’s philosophy, but they are different from each other in order to meet all the thermography requirements. DURA T120 is compact, designed to be used with gloves, with a handy joystick and drop-proof from 2 meters. Dura P120V, on the other hand, has the ideal dimensions to be kept in your pocket: perfect for the needs of those, who do not want bulky instruments to carry around. The advantages of thermography applied to electricity are valid for both: safety, possibility to carry out tests remotely, with machinery in operation, with no need to interrupt the power supply or stop the lines.